Thursday, April 24, 2008

Nirvana on the Big Blue Couch

it's been

too long

since i felt


on the




gentle touches.

sweet, deep


the promise of


i'm scared


I am not


of such


do i

make you


even a



we agreed


be honest.



we come

to our


we want



the same

friends we



is this



the way?


be honest




© 2008 all rights reserved

Monday, November 26, 2007

It's All About Him

It is all about him.
I don't count
I because i am his
Dirty little secret.
If things with her were perfect
then he wouldn't need me, would he?
I rest my case.
I am done.

è interamente circa lui
non conto
perché sono suo
piccolo segreto sporco
se le cose con lei fossero perfette
allora non lo avrebbe bisogno di?
riposo la mia cassa
sono rifinito

©2007 all rights reserved
(the Italian translation isn't perfect)

Just Out of Reach

I torture myself with what I can't have
Days upon end I tell myself
If I'm good
It will be understood
What it all means

A touch, a look, a kiss
Time with you is all I ask
If I'm good, will you reward me
With you exclusively?
What does it all mean?

I see you there, in my sight
Just out of reach
Just out of reach
There's an invisible border
A line I can't cross
The walls go up, I try to knock them down
I see you there, just out of reach

If it's not me that you want
Please tell me now
I want to be
with you, but you not with me?
Then what the hell do these dreams mean?

Don't torture me with your desires
If you don't mean what you say
I know I could breach, if only
I could reach...

I see you there, in my sight
Just out of reach
Just out of reach
There's an invisible line
If I could cross it, would you be mine?
Or should I walk away,
And wonder, if one day will
I see you there, within my reach

©2007, all right reserved

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Apt. 34, Part I: 1/8/07 1520

it was good...
to see you
touch you
hold you
kiss you...

don't be a stranger

i've missed you...
being with you
just being...
with you

but there's a whole world of yours that i'm not even a part of

not even remotely

i wish i knew where all this would lead

perhaps nowhere. perhaps somewhere neither of us expects

don't be a stranger

your visit: it was much too short


©2007, all rights reserved

Friday, July 14, 2006


I'm scared to open up too much, yet I want you to see me for who I am
Overloaded with so much crap I can't see straight
Praying you understand why I just can't seem... to burden you
You're more than understanding
And that's why I'll never be good enough for you
So I keep you at a safe distance
Because in your presence, I am lost
And behind this correspondence
I can keep some form of sanity
Without admitting how I really feel
I know you sometimes don't understand why I keep my secrets
You, of all people, would understand the most
If I only had the courage
Instead, I'm just a creep

Oh, you say that you don't think I am
But I know me better than you do
I want to tell you everything about me
And let you decide
I put on a good facade, but you quickly saw through it
Didn't you?
Because you've been there, too, haven't you?
I know I can trust you
It's myself I don't trust
Instead I am a gutless wonder
I'm just a creep

If only I felt I was worthy of someone like you
Instead of like a creep

©2006, all rights reserved

Thursday, January 12, 2006


I stand before you
A sinner in the eyes of the world
In my defense, I did what I thought was best
And left the bad influences behind.
I did what was right for me
And to stay would have meant certain peril
If you still want to condemn me
For whatever sin you think I've committed
By all means proceed
May I remind you that if you are wrong
You will have to live with yourselves
And your choices for the rest of your days,
And I will laugh at your discomfort.
Don't say you weren't warned.
I have no special powers
I have only me.
I know I am not the only sinner.
Judge not unless you wish to be judged yourself.

Your honor, I am ready for my sentence.

©2006, all rights reserved.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

I promised I'd post this...

Untitled 9.23.05

As a snake shedding its skin
so must I
of the past I find myself bound to.
Chains have been broken
Freedom tasted
New horizons to discover.
Nobody knows it better than I.
New futures forged
New friends made
New thoughts to replace the old
To find I had been wrong all this time.
I want to go back, maybe someday,
To that place I willingly called home
And maybe stay here in a place I thought
I was imprisoned
And found I that I was the one who held the key.
Why did it take so long
to realize I was already home?
a transition made easier
and a friend forever I have made.
And where this new life will lead
I really don't know
It'll be an exciting journey...

©2005, all rights reserved

Saturday, July 30, 2005

A Different Time, A Different Place

A different time, a different place
I'd feel the touch of your hands
upon my face
Feeling your lips upon mine
Transcending time and space
Your strong arms around me
Becoming lost in your embrace
We could have all of these
If only for a different time,
a different place

©2005, all rights reserved